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Events & Workshops

She-Music Int.
When / Where:

  8  March | 16:00 & 20:00

Int. Womens Day -  Amsterdam

She-music int..png
Online Course
Lyric Writing
When / Where:

since 01/09/2016 | 24/7

Amsterdam University of the Arts

Lyric Writing Masterclass Workshop


The Netherlands

For those interested to retreat a few days into a world of word puzzles, symbols and metaphors, rhyme sorts and schedules, creating and discussing lyrics using my Trimodus Method, feel welcome to subscribe to my Lyric Writing Masterclass Workshop.

A maximum of eight lyricists will hide out in a cottage in the province of Drenthe to inspire each other. We will work, cook and eat together as well as create space for individual privacy needs. All in good spirit. For further detail please use the contact form.

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