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Dark - not so much an absence of light as a prelude towards the light; a silence before the sound. 
Ensemble - a coming together; not only of text, image and music but also of different artists participating.

Conceptual interest 
As profound listeners we are subject to intense auditory adventures. 
All sounds are created equal, or are some sounds more equal than others? We question the traditional power balance: the acoustic dominance over the electronic, the human voice over the music, the silence over sound. Our recordings should challenge the hierarchical perception that is rooted in our traditions and cultural values.
Timon Persoon, Stefan van den Heuvel, Attie Bauw, Bernice Pisters, Eve Dijkema, Miranda Birney, Paul Medeiros, Fraukje Ramona Weishaupt, Marco Antonio Spaventi, Kaspars Kurdeko, SungSu Kim, David Andres, Andreas Klein, Pasja, Behzad, Gal Aner, Claudia Hansen, Timucin Sahin, Pat Cleaver, Avishai Darash, Itai Weissman, Nick Granville, Christian Pabst, Victor Dirks, Davor Lazić
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