DarkEnsemble new album: RAMPIKE


Sound artist Timon Persoon and I love to reflect on trees, these beautiful creatures with their own life lessons present an acute sense of natural belonging. However, we like to break through their silence and use our imagination and creativity to make audible what remains unsaid.


Mind you, it is not about enlarging or making audible the sounds that trees do make, we are not concerned with Musique Concrete.

It is all about letting the existence of trees lead to musical and poetic expression. Many of their features such as bloom versus rot, slowness versus shootouts, density versus transparency, internal fluidity versus external rigidity, flexibility versus stamina, are meaningful to us, as they correspond with our own artistic development. The deeper you investigate the tree life, the richer your relationship becomes, and the more elements are available to you to be translated into music and poetry.

In the videos below we elaborate on our creative process during the Rampike album.

Thank you for your time and attention! Very much appreciated.


The creative process of Blanka Pesja