DarkEnsemble debut release Body With Drawing 

is a hard cover, full color, 24 page square book.

Including an audio CD


It contains two long poems each consisting different sections.


  • Body With Drawing 

  • Body Withdrawing


Both soundscapes evolved from two different creative methods. The review is available here.



Please click on the image to listen to snippets.

Or get hold of  here.


Human Bondage contains eight poems:



As the concept is based on the Victorian diary, the album comes in a metal-velvet case. The text is printed on eight former daguerreotypes from which the portraits of the dead have been erased to make room for the poems. Please click on the image to listen to snippets. Or get your copy here.

Ter gelegenheid van het symposium 'Onderstroom' verscheen in kleine oplage In de Schaduw Schuilt een Lied met illustraties van de bijbehorende tentoonstelling van olieverf schilderijen. 

Daarin zijn de volgende gedichten opgenomen:

  • Als de bomen kaal zijn

  • Herfst in Holland

  • Fluistervlagen

  • En licht scheidt zich

  • Een zwijgen


De tentoonstelling vond plaats

van 26 januari tot 19 februari 2006

in het Karmelieten Klooster te Gent

New to be expected

"Tendrils are able to curve by employing a process known as "differential growth". This process involves the stimulation of growth in particular regions of the tendril. The cells of tendril tips have a very dense distribution of "hairs". When these hairs are touched, the membrane of the cell is temporarily deformed. The cells on the non-contact side of the tendril expand, while the cells on the contact side contract. This membrane deformation results in a regulatory action causing turgor movements which drive the curving response."

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An introduction to the Trimodus Method to Lyric Writing.