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 Anti-Heroin-Chic  published my poems Island of Silence  and  Onshore.
The Ekphrastic Review  published my poem Rothko on a Motherless Night.

My ekphrastic play Nine Voices at the Tate Modern is available online. 

She-Music Int. is our new music industry platform for all who identify as women. 

I believe autumn is the season par excellence for tree lovers. Not only to enjoy the wealth of colors offered by the foliage, the range of hues seems inexhaustible, but also because the falling leaves seem to invite contemplation. The decay, the passing of time, is given an almost theatrical exhibition in autumn.


Herr: Es ist Zeit, wrote Rilke in Herbstgedicht, one of my favorite poems. Autumn, in this sense, is not a time, it is time. The expiring, the 'finite' of time as the essence of time.

Vasalis concludes questioningly in her poem Eb 'there is no time, or is there nothing but time?'


It should come as no surprise that an autumn walk once marked the beginning of Rampike our tree album.

While we are still waiting for a second test pressing, I would like to share the very beginning, the impetus for this album.

When I received the first audio sketches from Timon, I started with the placement of poetry and immediately had a visual representation in the process.

From this coming together of sound, language and image, a short video Green Leave was created around this time last year that could be experienced as a walk and became the prototype of our album. In the meantime much has been added and altered.

Mind you, these 4 minutes did not end up on the album as such. The final composition of twenty minutes led to other choices. Nonetheless, I hope to inspire you with this Rampike  prototype 0.1 as a teaser.


DarkEnsemble not assembling gloom but a gathering in an inspirational night. 
Dark - not so much an absence of light as a prelude towards the light; a silence before the sound. 
Ensemble - a coming together; not only of text and music but also of different artists. As profound listeners we are subject to intense auditory adventures. 

Conceptual interest - all sounds are created equal. Or are some sounds more equal than others?
We question the traditional power balance: the acoustic dominance over the electronic, the human voice over the soundscape etc. Our recordings should challenge the hierarchical perception that is rooted in our traditions and cultural values.

Rampike - Haiku


leaves leave, in fall fall

autumn’s coloring amber

warmth welcoming cold


tawny hues dispersed

blades burned by experience

stained, stale and stamped out


our nerves visible

aging’s transparent beauty

hails befalling chills


decay blows away

a whole new generation

let loose in the wind

DarkEnsemble NEW ALBUM

sounddesign - Timon Persoon

haiku & tanka - Blanka Pesja

New album to be released



What if we could hear trees?

​What if their existence w​as audible?

How would that shape our relationship?

Would we experience their decay and extinction differently?


These questions were a starting point for sound artist Timon Persoon and me to create the third DarkEnsemble album.


Both of us are  ardent tree lovers. Trees effect us deeply, their proximity is intensely tangible to us. As human animals, we experience our relationship with trees as an essential part of ourselves.


The slow, seemingly quiet life of trees makes it easy to bypass their existence and not be too concerned about their fate. Personally, we want to do the opposite; spend extra time with them and give our intense attention to their presence.

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