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What if we could hear trees? What if their existence w​as audible? How would that shape our relationship? Would we experience their decay and extinction differently?


These questions were a starting point for sound artist Timon Persoon and me to create the third DarkEnsemble album.


Both of us are  ardent tree lovers. Trees effect us deeply, their proximity is intensely tangible to us. As human animals, we experience our relationship with trees as an essential part of ourselves.


The slow, seemingly quiet life of trees makes it easy to bypass their existence and not be too concerned about their fate. Personally, we want to do the opposite; spend extra time with them and give our intense attention to their presence.

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DarkEnsemble NEW ALBUM

Released December 2021

        Cultuurfonds NoordHolland

Digital here

Vinyl here


music composition - Timon Persoon

haiku & tanka - Blanka Pesja




High Density of Vertical Beings


- Forest Floor

- Shrub Story

- Understory

- Canopy Story

- Emergent Story



Being Enclosed in Bark


- Ascent

- Descent

Thank you
vocal engineer: Bernice Pisters
mastering: Attie Bauw

Graphic design: Stefan van der Heuvel
Photography front Miranda Birney
Photography back Eve Dijkema

Abbey Road Inst. Amsterdam

Musicmatrix studio

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